New sloped top LCD enclosures prevent tampering, theft, or damage to LCD and computer equipment in hospitals and medical centers. The sloped top is a preferred design of hospitals looking for an anti-ligature or non loop solution for mental health wards. An LCD or plasma television cannot be openly mounted in a psychiatric and mental health unit, since the patient needs to be protected from self harm and an openly mounted TV could facilitate self harm. The sloped top enclosure is mounted flush against a wall.

We have developed an anti-ligature LCD enclosure or non loop-able LCD enclosures. The non loop-able LCD enclosure has been developed through valuable input from mental health facilities to design and build a unit that protects patients from self harm. The sloped top LCD enclosure is also a preferred design for industrial and food processing facilities with wash down areas.

Stainless steel LCD enclosures enable you to put TVs and PCs where you wouldn’t normally be able to have a TV. The job of these enclosures is to keep out water and debris that can cause problems with the equipment. The brushed stainless steel LCD enclosure provides an attractive way to protect a PC or LCD. They look great outdoors or in retail locations.

When LCDs are exposed in unsupervised outdoor areas, a stainless steel LCD enclosure provides security. They enable you to leave valuable displays exposed without worry about damage from weather. Your patio or deck can show the big game on a nice-looking LCD screen that doesn’t have to be locked up every night when you use a stainless steel LCD enclosure.