LCD Shield 360

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Product Details:

This all-plastic water, dust, and tamper resistant enclosure solution is perfect for high traffic environments as well as other areas where tampering is a concern. Provide us your LCD display specifications and we'll build an all-plastic enclosure to fit (up to a 55" LCD / HDTV) your unique needs and budget. This LCD enclosure is made with a durable clear plastic material that lasts for years and provides a great view of your flat screen TV. This two-part enclosure opens easily for access to your LCD display and is available with a fan/filter system and an LCD bracket for wall mounting. All cables enter through the bottom of this enclosure to help keep water and dust out.

Jan 10 2014

Display Enclosure ships with:                                       Materials Available:                      Available Options:                
Two-Part Lexan Enclosure,  Cable Entry                           Lexan / Polycarbonate                  Wall Mount Bracket, Cooling Fan
Grommet, Fastening Hardware, optional
Fan/Filter and an optional LCD VESA Mount              

Shipping Weight:                                                           Inside Dimensions:
10 - 25 pounds                                                                Custom sizes up to 55" LCD Screen


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