Recessed TV Enclosure (Recessed LCD Guardian)

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Product Details:

The Recessed Guardian is the ideal solution for completely concealing the body of both the LCD and its protective enclosure, while still showcasing the screen. Doing this provides an incredibly thin and sleek look. It is made to be inset into a wall opening, with a shallow bezel depth, with your LCD screen being all that is visible. This application is perfect for hospitals.  An extremely durable polycarbonate window comes standard and anti-glare options are available.


Ships with:  Steel Enclosure & door, Strong Clear Plastic Window,
LCD Mounting Bracket, Security Screws

Materials Available:
Powder Coated or
Stainless Steel 

Available Options: Heater & Thermostat


Avaliable Sizes:  
Custom built to order up to 70''

Shipping Weight:
Varies Depending on Size


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