LCD TV Enclosures Are Quite the Catch in Sports Stadiums!

LCD Enclosures Are Quite the Catch in Sports Stadiums!

Who’s ready for some football!!!???!!

More and more stadiums for all different sports, as well as theaters, arenas, and amphitheaters are finding out about the miracle that is the weather proof LCD enclosure! Our LCD Enclosures are providing the perfect combination of industrial strength protection along with sleek style for any application. Most recently, we have outfitted the Redskin’s FedEx Field. FedEx Field, as well as many other sports arenas are discovering the multiple uses of LCD TVs around their stadiums, and are pleased with the many problems they help solve, as well as the opportunities they provide for fans, not to mention the opportunities for advertising.

The worst feeling for a sports enthusiast is to have to leave the actual field itself to use the facilities or get food and miss the play, the turning point of the game. With LCDs installed around the stadiums, fans are finding that no matter where they are located when their favorite player scores, they can see it just as clear as they could from where they were sitting moments ago.

Also, with these fans constantly staring at the LCDs to get a glimpse of the game that they’re missing those precious few moments of, the perfect break for advertisers to catch the attention of the consumer arises. Digital Signage provides the perfect outlet for all of the brand names that help support the stadium to capture their customer’s eye, without crossing the delicate line of distracting too much attention from the game.

However, the LCD monitor, even being the amazing technology that it is, can not stand alone in a stadium environment. Especially with football season upon us, the weather can get pretty nasty. At FedEx Field, for example, it can snow throughout the season. The LCD monitor itself is defenseless against these conditions, and therefore becomes more of problem than a solution. Fear not, LCD monitors, stadium owners, advertisers, and fans alike! Our LCD enclosures are designed to protect against these less than desirable conditions. The LCD Guardian is a waterproof enclosure, with options including a heater with a thermostat, as well as an A/C unit for when the weather heats up! This means that no matter what the weather, your LCD monitor will be strongly protected against any elements (even the ever elusive sticky fingers; Our enclosures are completely secure, no matter where you put them!). The LCD Guardian is in fact NEMA rated, proving that it’s water tight.

When it comes to your stadium this season (as well as many seasons to come!), digital signage with our protective enclosures is the way to go!

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