LCD Shield 360

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Product Details:

This all-plastic water, dust, and tamper resistant enclosure solution is perfect for high traffic environments as well as other areas where tampering is a concern. Provide us your LCD display specifications and we'll build an all-plastic enclosure to fit (up to a 55" LCD / HDTV) your unique needs and budget. This LCD enclosure is made with a durable clear plastic material that lasts for years and provides a great view of your flat screen TV. This two-part enclosure opens easily for access to your LCD display and is available with a fan/filter system and an LCD bracket for wall mounting. All cables enter through the bottom of this enclosure to help keep water and dust out.

Display Enclosure ships with:                                       Materials Available:                      Available Options:                
Two-Part Lexan Enclosure,  Cable Entry                           Lexan / Polycarbonate                  Wall Mount Bracket, Cooling Fan
Grommet, Fastening Hardware, optional
Fan/Filter and an optional LCD VESA Mount              

Shipping Weight:                                                           Inside Dimensions:
10 - 25 pounds                                                                Custom sizes up to 55" LCD Screen


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